Welcome to The Swedish Token Society


The Swedish Token Society is open for anyone with an interest in tokens. Tokens should be interpreted in a broad sense as our members is interested in gaming counters, jetons, dog tags, badges as well as tokens. Obviously most members are interested in Swedish tokens but there are also collectors of foreign tokens. On this homepage you can find information about our activities as well as other kind information which the members choose to share with each other. It is also possible that there will be opportunities to buy and sell tokens at special auctions. Unfortunately most of this homepage is only available in Swedish. There are however surprisingly accurate translation services from Swedish to a number of languages for instance at translate.google.com   If you wish to become member please do as follows:


  • Send an email to info@pollett.se with your name, address, email address and area of interest (European Parking tokens etc).
  • You will receive an email with information about how to pay our annual membership fee of SEK 100 (approx. 10 Euro). You will also receive information about how to log in to the Membership area of the homepage.

  • When paying from abroad, you must use the following codes and accounts:
    IBAN:    SE 45 6000 0000 0005 0862 3111
    Bank:     Handelsbanken 6598 Finspång